Rolling with the Trends: Infla-Dating in the 420-Friendly World

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Hey there, fellow stoner singles! We’ve got some dope dating trends to share that are hitting the scene in 2023, and trust us, you’ll want to know what’s up. But first, a shout-out to our buds over at PureWow for spilling the beans on this hot topic. Prices are skyrocketing (seriously, have you seen the cost of eggs lately?), and daters everywhere are rethinking their dating game. It’s called infla-dating, and it’s lighting up the singles scene like a freshly rolled joint.

Infla-Dating: Puff, Puff, Pass on Expensive Dates

Picture this: You’re swiping right, left, and probably in circles on your favorite 420-friendly dating app (ahem, that’s us!). You match with someone awesome, and sparks are flying like a well-lit bowl. But here’s the twist – instead of suggesting a fancy dinner or an extravagant night out, you’re both down for something more budget-friendly. In fact, nearly half (48 percent) of single millennials and Gen Z-ers are in on this trend, according to a survey by Plenty of Fish. They’re all about embracing those less expensive, yet equally fun, dates.



Stay High, Date Wise: Infla-Dating Ideas for the 420 Community

Now that you’re in the know about infla-dating, let’s talk about getting creative with your cannabis-loving crush. Here are some lit ideas for those budget-friendly, yet memorable, date nights:

1. “Puff and Paint” Night: Grab some art supplies, roll a couple of joints, and let your creativity flow. Whether you’re painting like Picasso or just having a laugh at your artistic skills (or lack thereof), it’s a high time!

2. Scenic Smoke Sesh: Pack a picnic and head to your favorite scenic spot. Whether it’s a lakeside view or a secret hideaway in the woods, sharing a joint while enjoying nature’s beauty is a date you won’t forget.

3. DIY Cannabis Edibles: Skip the pricey restaurant and opt for making your own cannabis-infused goodies. Whip up some munchies together, like pot brownies or infused mac ‘n’ cheese. Cooking together can be a delicious adventure.

4. Retro Movie Night: Take a trip down memory lane with a classic stoner movie marathon. Cheesy ’80s flicks? Cult classics? The choice is yours, but don’t forget the popcorn and, of course, some herb.

5. Local Smoke Spot Tour: Explore your city or town’s coolest smoke spots. From hidden urban gems to scenic rooftop hangouts, there’s always a new adventure waiting.


Wrap-Up: Keep the Vibes High in 2023

So there you have it, fellow 420 daters. Infla-dating is the name of the game this year, and it’s all about having a blast without breaking the bank. Get out there, embrace the trends, and remember, the best dates are the ones where you’re true to yourselves. Keep it chill, keep it real, and let the love (and the good vibes) flow.

Stay tuned to our 420-friendly dating app for more trends, tips, and cannabis-infused connections. It’s going to be a lit year, and we’re here to make sure your dating game is on point. 🌿🔥✌️