Trail Blazr

30 Openings

Join the TrailBlazr Team!

Blazr is taking its mission to the streets in your city! We’re seeking vibrant and proactive ambassadors in cities everywhere to be our ‘boots on the ground’. As a ‘TrailBlazr’ Ambassador, you’ll be the driving force in fostering fun, lively, and connections within the cannabis community of your city.

What Will You be Doing?

Singles Events -

Lead the way by organizing and introducing Blazr events in your city, crafting spaces for individuals to unite and form bonds.

Reppin Blazr at Local Events

Become the an intrinsic part of the local Cannabis scene, representing Blazr, sharing insights, learning, and driving the collective vision forward.

Blaze Tok (Tik Tok)

Go VIRAL while blazing! Use your creativity combined with our community to create truly viral videos!

Local Alliances

Establish robust ties with local dispensaries, head shops, and the hottest venues, securing Blazr’s reputation as the go-to platform in the city’s cannabis circle.

Guerilla Marketing

Boots on the ground, leading a street team in promoting Blazr through flyers, stickers, posters, give-aways, etc. 

Content Creation

Use your creativity and create dope content for the Blazr community; videos, vlogs, blogs, UGC, viral videos, etc.

TrailBlazr Testimonials

TrailBlazr members are not only outgoing and eager to spark meaningful connections, but they’re also the lifeblood that infuses Blazr into the heart of their cities. You’re not just an ambassador; you’re a TrailBlazr, setting the path for others to follow

If you have the passion, drive, and flair to be a trailblazer in the cannabis community, then the TrailBlazr Squad is where you belong. Let’s light up the city together!


“Joining the TrailBlazr program with Blazr was my gateway into the cannabis industry. The hands-on experience and invaluable connections I made have kickstarted my career in ways I could never have imagined.”


“Blazr and the TrailBlazr initiative introduced me to the intersection of technology and cannabis. The program’s insights and networking opportunities have been a game-changer for my tech-driven ambitions.​”


“Through the TrailBlazr program, I honed my event coordination skills while tapping into the dynamic world of cannabis. Blazr has given me a unique edge and an expansive network that’s invaluable to my career.​”


“Partnering with TrailBlazr helped spotlight my business within the cannabis community. Thanks to Blazr, I’ve seen increased local engagement and exciting new collaboration opportunities.”