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Connecting hundreds of thousands of members across more than 80 countries, Blazr has emerged as an integral platform for the cannabis community.

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2023 Investor Packet

Why Invest?

Imagine a platform that harnesses the unprecedented growth of the cannabis market and combines it with the dynamic digital dating space; that’s Blazr, a novel, targeted approach to online dating for the cannabis community! With the rising number of recreational and medical cannabis users, along with the global trend of cannabis legalization, there is a significant opportunity within the online dating industry for cannabis-friendly singles. 

Crossroads of Cannabis & Tech

This is an opportunity to capitalize on two of the fastest growing industries (Cannabis x Tech) within one concept.

This is a “SAFE” technology investment. This is a way to invest in the cannabis space without actually touching the plant.

The Target Market is Growing

With approximately 84,000,000 people worldwide using dating apps and consuming cannabis*, a significant portion of this market is comprised of the 22,680,000 individuals who are in the ‘PAID’ tier of a dating app and consume cannabis.

The Rise of Niche Dating Sites

The large, one size fits all dating websites are becoming less popular. People want to connect with others who shares a similar lifestyle. Niche dating apps create a sense of community where people feel comfortable.


people in the World

Use a ‘PAID’ tier of a dating app and consume cannabis*

Blazr Overview

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Interested in the Blazr investment opportunity?

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