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by | Cannabis Times


Cannabis Tourism: A Journey Through the Emerald Triangle

When you hear the phrase “cannabis tourism,” what comes to mind? A party bus with smoke billowing out of open windows? Scaling the side of a grassy hill to get a glimpse of the cannabis promised land? Or perhaps hitting a joint and then gently descending into a child’s pose? All of these are correct. But cannabis-related tourism has come a long way since the early days of legalization.

In 2012, when Colorado voters passed adult use, people from all over the country flocked to the Centennial State to experience something they never had before—consuming cannabis legally. And with this new market came new ideas for cannabis tourism experiences. From taking patrons to dispensaries to providing a safe space for consumption, similar to a pub crawl for craft beer enthusiasts, the possibilities were endless.

But what does the future hold for cannabis tourism? Just like certain regions in California are known for their wine culture, the famed Emerald Triangle of northern California has the potential to become a hub for cannabis tourism. With its rich history of cannabis cultivation and culture, this region offers a unique and authentic experience for visitors.

The craft, legacy genetics, and regenerative cultivation techniques used by farmers in the Emerald Triangle produce cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are complex, therapeutic, and exclusive to the region. And with offerings like farm tours, farmers’ markets, and cannabis farm-to-table style dinners, the potential for cannabis tourism in this area is immense.

However, there are still regulatory barriers that need to be addressed, such as not allowing farmers to sell their products directly to consumers. But with the growing popularity and acceptance of cannabis, the future of cannabis tourism in the Emerald Triangle looks bright. So next time you visit your local California dispensary, don’t forget to ask for something grown outdoors in the Emerald Triangle. You won’t be disappointed.