Oregon Health Authority Awards Newest Therapeutic Psilocybin License

by | Cannabis Times

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Kaya Holdings Inc. Becomes First Publicly Traded Company to Hold Psilocybin License in Portland, Oregon

In a groundbreaking move, Kaya Holdings Inc. has been granted a license for therapeutic psilocybin by the Oregon Health Authority. This makes them one of the first publicly traded companies to hold a cannabis license and now a psilocybin license. The company, which began operation in Portland in 2014, is set to open a full-service psychedelic treatment center called The Sacred Mushroom™ within the next 30 days.

The Sacred Mushroom™: A Revolutionary Approach to Psychedelic Treatment

The Sacred Mushroom™, located in downtown Portland, boasts 11,000 square feet of space designed for optimal comfort and experience. With a “room to roam” layout, clients can enjoy private rooms, yoga, listening stations, journaling chairs, and art expression. The facility also features a “sensation room,” an indoor garden, and a customizable experience through their Synergy By Design™ program.

Projected Growth in the Behavioral Health Market

The announcement of Kaya Holdings’ psilocybin license comes with data from Precedence Research, predicting a significant increase in the U.S. behavioral health market from $83 million in 2022 to $136 billion by 2032.

KAYS: A Leader in Psychedelic Medicine

Kaya Holdings Inc.’s OTCBQ market symbol is KAYS, and the company currently holds three cannabis licenses, including two in Greece. According to CEO Craig Frank, psilocybin is the next frontier in psychedelic medicines, and KAYS is well-positioned to become a leader in its delivery.

EPIC Healing Eugene: The State’s First Psilocybin Service Center

In June 2024, EPIC Healing Eugene became the first psilocybin service center in the state. Their services focus on deep healing work, mindfulness, empowerment, spirituality, and transformation through psilocybin facilitation and integration. With a skilled and supportive staff, they offer preparation and integration sessions to help clients get the most out of their experiential journeys.