Get Paid To Smoke Pot, in the Name of Science

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 ey, sticky buds as a sign of quality, but the SOS study aims to find out if that’s really the case.

Get Paid to Smoke Weed? A Match Made in Heaven and a Study That Could Change the Game

Attention all cannabis enthusiasts! Are you tired of smoking weed for free? Well, get ready to light up and get paid for it. That’s right, you heard it here first. A groundbreaking study is underway that aims to shed light on the impact of cultivation and processing on the final product. And they’re looking for participants to smoke pre-rolls for science.

The team behind the popular pre-roll and rolling paper brand, DaySavers, has joined forces with the Cannabis Research Coalition and The Network of Applied Pharmacognosy (NAP) to launch The Science of Smokeability (SOS) study. This two-year project will be the first of its kind, analyzing cultivation and processing metrics to determine which variables contribute to the most enjoyable and least harmful smoking experience.

Currently, cultivators are solely focused on maximizing yield and THC levels, leading to unrealistic expectations in some state markets. But is cannabinoid content really the main factor in determining a consumer’s experience? The SOS study aims to answer this question by evaluating how cultivation practices and post-harvest processing impact the smokeability of the final product. This groundbreaking research promises to revolutionize the cannabis industry by providing valuable insights that link cultivation and manufacturing practices to consumer experiences.

The study will take place over the course of two years and will include controlled laboratory experiments and consumer research. DaySavers founder, Harrison Bard, explains, “My business partner and I were first introduced to smoking machines by the tobacco industry when we started Custom Cones USA. So when we heard about the Cannabis Research Coalition’s study on the Science of Smokeability, we knew we had to get involved.”

Bard, who is also a member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council and co-founder of Custom Cones USA, adds, “The study will consist of multiple phases of experiments and research, and we will continue to rely on the public for their input on the qualitative metrics of their smoking experience. This includes data on consumption habits, preferences, and other factors that shape the industry.”

But here’s the best part – participants in certain phases of the study will receive free pre-rolls and be asked to provide feedback on their smoking experience. And to sweeten the deal, DaySavers will be paying $4.20 to 200 randomly selected individuals who will receive two free pre-rolls and be asked to fill out a survey comparing the two joints. Talk about getting paid to smoke weed!

Many have speculated about the factors that impact smokeability, including cultivation inputs, drying and curing methods, and processing techniques. But the SOS study aims to go beyond genetics and get to the bottom of what truly makes a joint enjoyable. So, in the name of science, light up and smoke two joints for the greater good. Who knows, you might just help shape the future of the cannabis industry.

Courtesy DaySavers

So, are you ready to smoke for science? Keep an eye out for updates on the SOS study and your chance to participate. And remember, when it comes to the quality of your weed, it’s not just about the stickiness. Let’s find out what really makes a joint worth smoking.