False Dosage Labels on 96% of Tested Amazon Hemp Products, Many With No Hemp or CBD

by | Cannabis Times

 ) of the products contained less than 80% of the advertised CBD content

In the Midst of Cannabis Reform: The Truth Behind Amazon’s “Hemp” Products

In the midst of blossoming cannabis and CBD reform throughout the West, hemp-derived cannabinoid products are increasingly taking center stage as legislators continue to raise red flags surrounding the lack of regulation and intoxicating potential of these products. But are these products really what they claim to be? CBD Oracle, a consumer research company, has turned its attention to the popular “hemp” products available for purchase on Amazon.com and their findings may surprise you.

States Crack Down on Psychoactive Hemp Products

Just in the past several months, a number of states have moved to introduce new policies to limit or ban the sale of psychoactive hemp-derived cannabinoid products, like delta-8 THC. This has sparked concerns about the lack of regulation and potential for intoxication in these products.

CBD Oracle Exposes the Truth About Amazon’s “Hemp” Products

Among those raising concerns is CBD Oracle, a consumer research company dedicated to improving safety and transparency in the cannabis industry. Their latest independent analysis focuses on CBD gummies and other hemp products available on Amazon.com. Despite Amazon’s claims that they do not allow CBD products on their platform, CBD Oracle’s findings suggest otherwise.

Deceptive Labeling and “Brand Burning”

According to CBD Oracle, many sellers on Amazon get around the platform’s restrictions by using the term “hemp” instead of “CBD” on their packaging and product descriptions. This deceptive labeling has raised concerns about the credibility and quality of these products. CEO of Neurogan, Jan Brandup, states that these “hemp products” are not actually related to hemp and are simply using the term as a sales tactic. Sunday Scaries CEO Mike Sill agrees, adding that many of the products on Amazon lack credibility and quality due to the platform’s regulations.

The Truth About Amazon’s “Hemp” Products

So what exactly do these “hemp” products on Amazon contain? In an effort to find out, CBD Oracle purchased 56 of the most popular hemp products on the site and had them tested by InfiniteCAL Labs. The results were concerning, with 30% of the products containing less than 80% of the advertised CBD content. This raises questions about the accuracy of the dosage claims made by these products.

Consumers Beware: The Dangers of Amazon’s “Hemp” Products

The findings of CBD Oracle’s analysis highlight the need for stricter regulations and transparency in the hemp industry. Consumers should be cautious when purchasing “hemp” products on Amazon, as they may not be getting what they think they are. As CEO Mike Sill warns, these products may not only be a waste of money, but could also potentially be harmful. It’s time for Amazon to take responsibility and ensure the safety and accuracy of the products sold on their platform.