Brand Spotlight: Abstrax

by | Cannabis Times


Abstrax’s Latest Research Project Uncovers a Whole New Universe of Cannabis Compounds

When Abstrax embarked on their recent research project, no one could have predicted the groundbreaking discovery they would make. The team has uncovered a whole new universe of cannabis compounds, expanding our understanding of the plant’s taste and smell.

Collaborating with 710 Labs, SepSolve Analytical, and Markes International, Abstrax has opened a portal into a world of rare and unseen flavor and aroma compounds in cannabis. This California-based company, founded in 2017, prides itself on being pioneers in botanical flavor technology.

Abstrax’s main business is providing terpene-driven flavor solutions for industries such as cannabis, beverage, and fragrance. Through their three divisions – tech, labs, and hops – they conduct extensive research and testing to offer companies the most authentic strain-specific flavors possible.

Using advanced two-dimensional gas chromatography, Abstrax was able to detect previously unknown “hidden compounds” that have a significant impact on the odor and classification of cannabis. These findings were published in a white paper on their website and in the peer-reviewed journal ACS Omega.

Interestingly, the research highlights that THC percentages are not the only driving factor for consumers when choosing cannabis. The smell of a strain is also a crucial factor, with terpenes being the second most important consideration. In response to this, many companies now list the dominant terpenes on their packaging to give consumers an idea of what to expect.

This shift towards prioritizing smell over the traditional indica, sativa, and hybrid classification system has led to the emergence of new terms such as “candy,” “citrus,” and “gas” to describe different strains. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, it is looking for more modern ways to label and categorize varieties of cannabis, with smell being a key factor in this process.

Abstrax and their research team are at the forefront of this movement, constantly pushing the boundaries and uncovering new insights into the complex world of cannabis compounds. As the industry continues to grow, their contributions will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping its future.